Do the Clinician’s see clients on schemes (aka. clients other than Private paying)?

Absolutely! Our Clinicians see NDIS, TAC, Work Cover, and Chronic Disease Care Plan (EPC) based clients, additional to Private clients. Our Dietitian also sees clients on Eating Disorder Plan. To see our Clinician’s as a client other than Private Paying, fill out our EOI Form or contact our Team to discuss your specific needs. 

Does the clinic provide one off consultations/exercise sessions AND regular appointments such as a program?

We provide both! However we strongly encourage you book an Initial Consultation with our Clinicians first, who can discuss with you what the best option would be for your goals and situation, at the end of your appointment. Alternatively, fill out the contact form and admin will touch base about the best option. Programs, or ongoing regular appointments, are not something everyone needs or wants, so we want to make sure it is a good fit before getting you onboard with one!

I am not a member of a gym, and have limited equipment. Will an exercise consultation still be of benefit?

All our consultations are individualised, so we will work with whatever equipment you may have access to – we can even design a plan should you have no equipment! So, not being a member of a gym is no problem!

I live too far away, are online appointments available, and are they as beneficial as inperson?

Absolutely! Julia, our Dietitian, provides online appointments that are available worldwide, not just Australia. With Dietitic appointments, everything can be done completely online, and as a client you are not loosing any value by not coming into clinic. 

Jas, our Exercise Physiologist & Scientist, offers online appointments, but only after our EOI form has been filled out. This is due to some very select injuries or conditions making it difficult to complete 100% online. However unlikely should this be the case, Jas is able to work with your local practioner or allied health professional to provide amazing valuable and allow you to see great results.

To book an appointment with Julia or fill out the EOI form for Jas’s online consultations, please click the ‘Book Now’ button and following the prompts.

I have a unique injury/health condition. Can I contact the clinic to see if this is something a Clinician can help me with?

Absolutely! We encourage you to reach out to us if you have a complex load of conditions and or injuries, so we can make sure that we are actually the best fit for you. You can do this via email, text, and the contact form available on the home page!

Does the Private Home Clinic have access to gym equiptment?

Our Private Home Clinic has consultation rooms and a gym space. This gym space has a variety of versitile gym equiptment, allowing for transferance to nearly any gym. With this space being private, enjoy the flexibility to picking your own music, being able to bring your child to your session (with a heads up!), and so much more!